Dr. Stefan Appelhoff

Hi, I am Stefan 👋

I am a senior biosignal data analyst at Zander Labs.

I am also a maintainer of the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS). BIDS is an emerging standard for the organization and documentation of neuroimaging data. BIDS will help making neuroscience more reproducible by facilitating (re)use, sanity-checking, and sharing of scientific data.

I am also interested in more technical problems, such as how to accurately mark events in an experiment using consumer grade hardware (https://sappelhoff.github.io/usb-to-ttl)

Finally, I am a strong proponent of open source software and contribute to several software packages such as MNE-Python.

If you want to know more, or collaborate on an interesting topic, please get in touch under [my first name] [dot] [my last name] [at] mailbox [dot] org.